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Sweat More. Bleed Less.

When you are thrown headfirst into scary situations, let’s say, joining the Marine Corps, things become clear real fast.  

One common theme all through my enlistment was hardship.  Things were hard.  Everything was hard.  Not on purpose, but it was just the nature.  Whichever force sweats more in peacetime bleeds less in wartime.  (Given all other variables are equal).   It was common for USMC units to train so hard that once they actually deployed, things seemed easier in ways.  

This same lesson transfers over to everyday life.  

Now, we all have it pretty easy.  We get to sleep every night, eat every day, and know that no matter what we’ll be ok.  The fears that we have now are so slight, that they’re almost silly.  “Honey what’s wrong?  Bad day?”  “Yeah.  I can’t get my calendars to sync.”

You have got to be kidding me.  You and I can feel, deep down, that our biggest fears lately are minuscule.

These fears and perceived discomforts are lessened when we search for ways to sweat more.  When we search for ways to be the best.  Can’t sync your calendars?  Give yourself a time limit then find someone who’s better at it.  

Here’s what I’m getting at: your time and attention are all you have.  Don’t waste it worrying about a ‘danger’ that isn’t even real.  It’s a mere speed bump.  Get over it.  Fix it.  Attack.  

Know your mission, and be the best at it.  Sweat more than the other guy.

By Thinky Space Man

Thinky is a strength coach and gym owner in the Pacific Northwest.

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