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Life Is In Between

It’s a simple concept: the good stuff in life is in between what we think is important.  Interactions with our kids while we prep lunch, interruptions by coworkers we’ve known for years, the brief glimpse of nature on our commute to work, I could go on forever. 

  • Petting a dog.  Any dog.
  • Eye contact and a genuine smile.
  • Conversation.
  • Food.
  • Solving problems that tap into our great minds.
  • Struggle.
  • Dancing and music.
  • Creating.
  • Feeling of helping others.

Nowhere in there is our career, what kind of house we live in, our status, or power.  

By Thinky Space Man

Thinky is a strength coach and gym owner in the Pacific Northwest.

2 replies on “Life Is In Between”

There is an obvious appeal to your approach of simplifying and getting directly to the point. The contrast between the excerpt from “The Slight Edge,” and your recap of three main ideas is a great example, and your brevity in this post demonstrates your skill in expressing a coherent concept without getting “too wordy.”

There are many benefits to striving to be as succint as possible when writing, and the conventional wisdom in blogging suggests that people will usually stop reading once the word count gets up around 1,200 in any posting. I have found that squeezing the word counts until the paragraphs are gasping for air works best.

It’s possible to be concise and thorough when writing, but it’s difficult to condense complex ideas into bullet point lists when your subject requires at least some elaboration to be understood well. There is a balance point in between any set of extremes, and your blog sets a high standard in several ways to be concise and that emphasis is admirable. Thanks for reminding us and I’ll stop this comment here.

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I adopted a trick:
Step 1: write something knowing it’ll be edited. Vomit on the page.
Step 2: edit something from yesterday and publish.

I have been asked all my life “can you expand on that?” It always takes effort to get more than 100 words for me.

Thank you for visiting, and the thoughtful comment. I hope you chime in again in the future. I welcome your wisdom.


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