Supplements Everyone Should Take

Supplements have come a long way.  Here’s my take on what everyone should be taking daily.  (Don’t be an idiot. Consult your physician before blindly following advice from the internet.)

  • Multivitamin. This is one that should be a no-brainer, especially for those that lack variety in their diet. I recommend optimum nutrition’s opti-men.
  • Fish oil. The benefits are astounding. I take 7g every morning. From heart health to anti-cancer properties, fish oil is a must. Fish oils bioavailability is much higher than flaxseed which is why I recommend it.
  • Vitamin D. On top of the multi, vitamin D is another essential. The daily recommended dose is stupid low. Get at least 5,000 iu per day (up to 10,000 if you live in the PNW). Seasonal affective disorder is real, and vitamin D helps in spades. (Including decreasing cravings for carbs)
  • Green tea extract. For cellular health. You can simply drink green tea, but I find it easier to down a serving every morning in pill form.
  • Creatine monohydrate. The most studied performance supplement of all time. Take 5g daily if you’re strength training. (All days. Not just training days)

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