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Sit, Breathe, and Lift.

I sit, I breathe.

Fresh air fills my nostrils, ions whispering to me “rain is here” 

There is nothing else.  Me and my mind.  I can tell I make no sense, but that’s ok.  A monkey with a hammer.

My watch beeps, telling me it’s time to get under the barbell, or else.  Some ask “Why do you do that to yourself?”  If you want to get to know someone, hold him over the edge of a volcano.  Lifting is my volcano, and I go there voluntarily.  If lifting offered no benefit but the mind, I would still lift.

The more I explore and understand of myself, the less I know.  The more questions I have.  

We battle our own entropy, you and I.  We try so hard to become.  

Maybe we don’t realize that we can just be.  

Sit.  Breathe.  Don’t forget to lift.

By Thinky Space Man

Thinky is a strength coach and gym owner in the Pacific Northwest.

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