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Ditching Narrative For Connection (otherwise known as ‘smiling’)

The story we tell ourselves about ourselves (let’s call that a narrative) is like a prison guard, and we are in the prison.  His presence alone is intimidating.  Challenging him is unthinkable.  

Yet, we must.  It’s our job.  It’s our job because our mission as humans is to be fully human.  The rest takes care of itself.  When we become more human, we tend to smile.  We are present.

“Hi, I’m Mike.  I am a writer.”  The answer I would give at a college classroom if asked to introduce myself.  That’s an example of a narrative.  We hold it dear to ourselves and chuck it out to the world at first chance.  (And I’m not smiling)

Hi.  I’m Mike.  I am very interested in how you are becoming more human every day.  I am interested in your humanness.  

Who are you?  Introduce yourself bellow or on twitter.  

By Thinky Space Man

Thinky is a strength coach and gym owner in the Pacific Northwest.

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