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Life plans and compounding interest

Why is it that each of us try to plan out our lives years in advance?  You’ve probably heard of “lifestyle design” coined by Tim Ferriss.  It’s the notion that we can live the lifestyle we want by reverse-engineering the outcome.  It’s oversimplified.  I have yet to meet anyone that wouldn’t love to reverse-engineer a lifestyle that allows them to do whatever they want all day (independently wealthy).

The problem is we don’t realize that life doesn’t care about plans. It’s just life. Of course, there are habits that can increase our chances of ‘living it up’, the main of which is seeking out activities that compound interest over time.  It’s not a novel concept, yet thousands and thousands of ‘authors’ crank out sub-par books in an attempt to generate passive income.  

Wealth is created by solving others problems at scale, not appearing to solve problems at scale.  That is why anyone can create an anonymous online handle and still create wealth simply by solving other peoples problems.  

Don’t confuse popularity with wealth creation.  Be invisible.  Lift others as high as possible.

By Thinky Space Man

Thinky is a strength coach and gym owner in the Pacific Northwest.

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