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Breaking deadly rules and norms for a fuller life.

Our morality is incongruous with the law of the time. The two biggest examples I can think of are slavery, honor killings, genital mutilation.

Be careful of rules.

Be more careful of norms, for they are just silent rules that are culturally accepted. They are deadly just the same. They lead us through a mediocre life void of living.

Find the norms, the rules, and break them with vigor. Smash them with a happy heart.

Daily Blog

What’s Your Song?

Everybody has a song, and I don’t mean “Danger Zone.” I mean a theme for life. This theme comes out in the way we live and play, even the way we play music.

Each musician has a signature, and some great musicians will tell you that they literally have one song that they groove on. Each track is the same song with a different flavor. Other musicians will see this and instantly recognize who’s playing if they know the song of that musician.

Life is the same way. The one theme that we can’t help but live our lives through. It shines through us no matter how hard we try to change it. This is why others might be able to see your song better than you can because they’re not in it.

Some people live their lives playing the song of conflict, struggle, aloneness, or incompleteness when they are convinced that their song is strength or success.

I hope my song is love. I won’t know for sure until I play it loud and see how it resonates. What’s yours?

Daily Blog

Freedom by Meditating On Death

Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death.

Miyamoto Musashi

It sounds grim. Who would want to live like that?

But the warrior is the stoic. He is shaken by nothing. He imposes his will on his mind and his life until the end.

Better to be a warrior in a garden than a flower in a war.

Meditate on your own death if you haven’t before.

Death is impermanence, which is freeing. Everyone we love, everything we know, and everything we are is impermanent. Now you are free.

Daily Blog

Filling Time

“If only there was 1 more hour in the day!” I’ve heard it, so have you.

24 hours is a lot of time, you’re just shitty at managing it. We humans have a gift of filling all our time with stuff. How better it would be to invest it?

If you work for yourself, or hope to work for yourself someday, then your time is more valuable than you think. At LEAST 50 dollars per hour, if not closer to 100.

Now break that down to time wasted when immersing yourself in a project, say a blog post. How much time is spent thinking instead of writing!

Go for it. Do your thing. Invest your time because it’s way more valuable than 100 dollars per hour.

I’m serious. Fucking FLY, man!!

Besides, we have way less time than we think we do.

Daily Blog

Shiny ≠ Solid

There will never be a shortage of shiny novelties. It’s how we’re wired.

That doesn’t mean you have to create something shiny.

It means the world needs something solid, and you’re the one to give it to them.

Don’t short-change yourself and others by sacrificing solid for shiny.

Over-promise. Over-deliver.

Not kidding. You’re way better than you think you are.