Real education is painful

11 years old. First day of summer, early morning. My dad comes in. “Sit down let’s have a talk” (Somethings up)

‘Your mother and I bought some land – and you’re going to help me build a house.’ He scoots closer. ‘Stop what you’re doing, get dressed, and meet me out at the truck in ten minutes.’

It wasn’t sinking in. (How could it)

He leaves, I go back to video games. He comes back in ten minutes.

‘Why aren’t you ready?’ His voice stern

‘I’m not doing that’. I was shaking

He took a full fucking minute, then slowly ‘You’re going to get dressed and walk out to the truck, or I will drag you.’

By this point I was crying. I knew he would. I got dressed.

My education had begun.

The desire to be great -> finiteness of time -> an empty calendar

The desire to be great is in all of us in some form. Good things happen when we acknowledge that. Even better things happen when we couple it with acceptance of finiteness.

Some humans before us were great, and now it’s our turn. Soon the pressure will be on the humans that come after us.

Anybody that tells you they don’t want to be great at some point at something, is not seeing the bigger picture. They aren’t seeing how little time they have, how little time you have.

The value of time increases exponentially for everyone. It starts out slow, painfully even. Remember the checkout line when you were a little kid? Or waiting for popcorn to pop in the microwave? It took forever, and we couldn’t wait to be on to the next thing.

Now, we set relationship/personal/business goals for 2019, July, This week, Friday, and the time races away from us.

So, let the desire to be great ultimately lead you to the realization that there’s too much stuff in our calendars, too much noise.

Life/time are slowed by cutting things out, not adding to.

Mistaking knowledge for action

It’s a shame we used to be all about business, all go go go.

It’s a wonderful thing to realize that stopping time and living are the ultimate riches, not cranking out 65+ hours per week in our profession.

What’s the best way to stop time? To live more in the minutes and hours we are allotted? Making meditation part of our days.

The trick is to treat every act throughout our day as meditation.

The magic to make that happen is beginning and ending our days with meditation (whatever that looks like for you).

Easy concept, and most effective actions are.