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On ‘type 2’ fun

Sometimes it’s hard to keep everything in check in our minds. We try to be a certain way: strong, attentive, smart. And we try to convey those things to the world, when in fact we are trying to convey it to ourselves.

The truth is, we don’t have to do that. We don’t have to do anything, really. The universe does not care if you climb the corporate ladder or choose to be a stay-at-home welfare sloth. Everything is the way it should be. There’s a quietness in this, and there’s a strength in this.

Once we realize that we are no longer obligated to live a certain way, we can choose any direction we want at any time, free of expectation. An argument against: “Well what about ambition?” Ambition is overrated. The reason to do anything is in the thing itself. I do not train my body to get big muscles, I train my body because to not train my body is misery. Lifting the barbell, in the moment, is not as fun as video games, but it’s fun as in depositing money into an investment that you know is going to help later. It feels good.

I call this type 2 fun.

The more we can genuinely enjoy type 2 fun, the better off we’ll be.

You and I have a code written within that naturally leads us in certain direction. The trick is to listen to that signal, and to tune out the noise of society. This signal naturally leads us to type 2 fun.

  • Follow your curiosity, because you’re not a cat.
  • Look for the type 2 fun activities. (They’re usually free or low cost and benefit you with compound interest.)

By Thinky Space Man

Thinky is a strength coach and gym owner in the Pacific Northwest.

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