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Perfection and weakness

Seeing weakness in ourselves enables survival tactics. We realize that we can’t do it all, and that we need to use shortcuts: tools and leverages to help us succeed.

I am a perfectionist. It stops me in my tracks before I begin anything that I can’t give 100 percent to. Many opportunities, lost. Opportunities lost to delusions of grandeur. My own thinking that everything I do can be amazing, timeless.It’s not so.

Not so for me, and not so for you.

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

Anyone can do well on a great day. It’s the warrior who makes progress when all hell is upon him.

Show up. Do your best. And do it all again tomorrow. (Hint: Enjoy the little things, the process. It’s all we have.)

By Thinky Space Man

Thinky is a strength coach and gym owner in the Pacific Northwest.

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