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Get a handle on your emotions

Take a deep dive into your emotions. What are you feeling? Is it controlling your actions? The mass panic is subsiding a little bit, the market is doing a little happy dance. I don’t think this will last. I think our hospitals will be overrun and the market will further tank.

Still, waltz through it.

I challenge you to do well during these times that are difficult for most. Make this YOUR time.

If you want help, I created a home workout program that’s sure to kick anyone’s ass. All you need is 1 or 2 sets of dumbbells, and some resistance bands. Let me know and I’ll send you the link to download our app and get on board.

Daily Blog

What’s behind your eyes?

How do you know that you are behind your eyes? We see through them, and believe our brains house our consciousness, but we have no idea.

Does our consciousness envelope the entire universe, interconnected with the consciousness of others? Or is it one consciousness, many faces?

I’m sorry, but I only have questions today.

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Forecast, duality, kill the king, embrace the philosopher.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I cannot write freely at my IRL business without a negative impact. It seems people do not want to think, they want to do what feels good in the moment, they want to be lied to, to attach themselves to a fad for a time.

This breaks my heart, as I see the value in detaching from myself to see how I’m lying to myself, and how I’m being lied to. This ties in with fitness and training very well: science and reality go together, it’s us that needs to align with reality. Wasn’t in Feynman that said we must not fool ourselves, and we are the easiest ones to fool?

Either way, I will not abandon but search further. There is a connection somewhere that explains what’s going on. I come back to Taleb’s thoughts on “King first, philosopher second.” Mike will be the king, ThinkySpaceMan will be the philosopher. I cannot keep myself from it.

We will see how this duality plays out.

Forecast: It goes well.

Daily Blog


Over the past year or so I’ve come to realize that I need to write in my own domain that doesn’t have a specific agenda. It needs to be a sandbox where there are no rules, and I am free to build, be sloppy, get dirty, and conduct micro experiments.

I tried having my own blog on my business website, but my business solves a problem for others and is not a platform for me to ‘get dirty’.

Here, I am free to abandon the delete button and go out on a limb. It’s safe, because it’s not high up.

A successful business is not an incubator for growth. Keep them separate. Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way.

Daily Blog

Get Under The Bar, Princess

We’ve all heard the 10,000 hour rule. Easy concept.

What most of us don’t have is the 1 hour thing down. We fail to move forward at all.

The thing is, momentum, velocity, speed, rate, all of that boils down to getting reps in on a consistent basis. I think of this as my ‘rate’ when thinking about metrics that matter to me: training sessions per ___, days read per ____, etc. It’s usually ‘per week’, but I think ‘per month’ or even ‘per year’ are better. They keep us thinking long, yet finite, terms. There are infinite weeks left, in my mind. There are a handful of months and years left. Hence there is more weight to ‘sessions per year.’

It all boils down. Talking about metrics and understanding don’t actually get us anywhere.

Get under the bar, princess.