Anonymous Account Packaging

Packages are a funny thing. We enjoy packages and how shiny they are, and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves about how special they are.

The package that we bring online is powerful. We are putting ourselves in a box/avatar and saying “this is me.” We might think that, but it’s our presentation of us, not us. However, on a long enough timeline, anyone can learn a great deal about us by our words and actions. Comments, likes, follows, etc tell a story.

An anonymous account, of course, is different. Not “this is me”, but “this is like me.” It’s an attempt to hide.

Either way, we package ourselves to the best of our ability. One problem though: our packaging loses it’s shiny color and becomes transparent through action and time.

Online and offline are blending. I’ll tackle that another time.

PS- thank you for reading my posts. I see the traffic, and I take it seriously. All comments welcome on twitter or here.

Taking vs Receiving

There’s no getting, because we are not in control. There’s receiving, because of what is given back to us. We might think we are taking, but we are only receiving.

It’s like getting asked to sit at the head of the table because we gave so much to the family, the community. We didn’t do it to sit at the head of the table, we did it because it’s what we do.

And what an honor it is.

Forget the taking or the receiving.


The Only Hack I Know

Of course life is difficult sometimes. That’s one of the great truths: life is difficult.

Humans are funny though. We aren’t logical, and we don’t follow many paths that are set before us. We determine our own meaning for success, then follow it the best we can. (And that’s different for many people)

The fun part is knocking our own illogical selves sideways for a positive outcome.

The next time life gets difficult, say to yourself “This is easy.”

The magic happens when we expand on that. “This is so easy, I eat problems like this for breakfast!” And keep going. It sounds corny, but it has helped me in the past and I hope it helps you.

“Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult-once we truly understand and accept it-then life is no longer difficult.

M Scott Peck

Taking Others Seriously

The disconnect between you and them is so small that you couldn’t slide a dollar in-between if you tried. You’re THAT close.

So, if you don’t take yourself seriously then you won’t take them seriously. Then why do we provide half worked things? You’re you, and you deserve the best. So do they.

One thing we can ask ourselves more often: “Am I proud of this work?”

Breaking deadly rules and norms for a fuller life.

Our morality is incongruous with the law of the time. The two biggest examples I can think of are slavery, honor killings, genital mutilation.

Be careful of rules.

Be more careful of norms, for they are just silent rules that are culturally accepted. They are deadly just the same. They lead us through a mediocre life void of living.

Find the norms, the rules, and break them with vigor. Smash them with a happy heart.

What’s Your Song?

Everybody has a song, and I don’t mean “Danger Zone.” I mean a theme for life. This theme comes out in the way we live and play, even the way we play music.

Each musician has a signature, and some great musicians will tell you that they literally have one song that they groove on. Each track is the same song with a different flavor. Other musicians will see this and instantly recognize who’s playing if they know the song of that musician.

Life is the same way. The one theme that we can’t help but live our lives through. It shines through us no matter how hard we try to change it. This is why others might be able to see your song better than you can because they’re not in it.

Some people live their lives playing the song of conflict, struggle, aloneness, or incompleteness when they are convinced that their song is strength or success.

I hope my song is love. I won’t know for sure until I play it loud and see how it resonates. What’s yours?