Year Review

Year Review: 2018

This year I’m starting a tradition. I’m looking back on the year at what mistakes I’ve made, what I learned, and how I’ve grown. No plan forward, just looking back and learning.

Here’s what I have so far:

Mistakes I’ve Made

  • Not putting my physical health first.  It’s cliche, but important. Without physical health, we get nowhere. I chased the urgent while ignoring the important.
  • Not putting my growth second. In line with the first, and just as important. I cut one hour out per day to read but didn’t take it. Again, I chased the urgent at the cost of the important.
  • Not being present with my family. This is a tough one. I find my phone in front of my face more and more, while getting less and less done, and being apart from my family.

What I’ve Learned

  • I am distracted at the core.  A tough realization. My health, family, profession, and growth all suffer from my distraction. I am appalled.
  • I know nothing. I used to think I was pretty smart until I actually started reading more widely (thanks to twitter). Now I realize that I know one percent of what I thought I did.
  • I crave wisdom and growth. More than stuff, money, or status. It took me over 30 years to learn this one.
  • Training for me is spiritual.

How I’ve Grown

  • I used to love being on my own before becoming a father. Now I relish time spent with my family more than almost anything.
  • I’ve grown to love wisdom in all (I think) it’s forms. I am curious about everything in art, science, philosophy, training, physics, design, etc. Above all, I crave philosophy. A year ago I was solely about optimizing my business among distractions.
  • I have learned that maximal effectiveness comes from balance. That means cutting out distractions and obligations as much as working on effective things efficiently. I now realize, at least partly, the value of getting enough sleep, meditation, journaling, reading, and writing.

Themes for 2019

  • Focus. I know what I want and how to move forward. It’s the distractions that are slowing me down.
  • Growth first.  Carving out times to train, read, sleep, meditate, etc, then following through with it.
  • Being present.  More airplane mode.

If 2018 Were A Person

Barely living, un-disciplined, mentally weak toddler in a mans body.

Here’s to 2019 and another wonderful year of this funny thing we call life.