The fan overhead, lowest setting. The natural wood walls. The open dirty windows. Crisp morning, central Oregon.

Hundreds of families were here before us, thousands after.

We acknowledge the universe, a sincere bow in how we spend our days together.

Nothing to strive for, everything complete, except the exploring.

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On focus and keeping the main thing the main thing

Working as hard as you can is good, but not as important as one might think. It’s the quality of decisions, the thing we work on, that matters the most. Workin on a thing consistently, yet slowly, is worth 1000x working fast and hard on multiple things. It took me a long time to realize this, and I hope you learn it faster.

The point: Laser-like focus sets apart the average and the extraordinary. The seemingly average (you and me) can take small steps (with focus) in the same direction every day. Keep the main thing the main thing to make something extraordinary.

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On immovable truth

The truth is indifferent to what we believe about it

We can’t change it, or knock it off its course. It just is. We are simply observers of it for a short time. What we can do is share lessons from our perspective, as our perspective (our ‘observation post’) is not shared by anyone else.

That means that what you see and what you have to say is important, so long as you do not pollute it with self.

Anyone can point anybody forward regardless of knowledge or experience.

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Taking vs Receiving

There’s no getting, because we are not in control. There’s receiving, because of what is given back to us. We might think we are taking, but we are only receiving.

It’s like getting asked to sit at the head of the table because we gave so much to the family, the community. We didn’t do it to sit at the head of the table, we did it because it’s what we do.

And what an honor it is.

Forget the taking or the receiving.


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The Quiet Tree

A tree on a hill is really good at one thing: being a tree. Turning sunlight and water into more tree, growing so slow that nobody ever sees it.

Quiet. Slow. Growth.

That hill becomes a favorite of hikers, birds, bugs, and deer. A wonderful serene paradise on a little hill.

We can be like the tree. Quiet. Growing.

Our little hill might be better for it.