Mediocre Shit

The bane of doing one thing well is giving in to the temptation of doing many things mediocre. But why do we give in? I have some ideas:

  • Lack of solidified vision.
  • Lack of placing importance on the one thing, which can act as a launch pad for future endeavors and focuses.

That’s it.

Consider this a callout for you to hone in on the one thing and knock off all that other mediocre shit.

Daily Blog

On immovable truth

The truth is indifferent to what we believe about it

We can’t change it, or knock it off its course. It just is. We are simply observers of it for a short time. What we can do is share lessons from our perspective, as our perspective (our ‘observation post’) is not shared by anyone else.

That means that what you see and what you have to say is important, so long as you do not pollute it with self.

Anyone can point anybody forward regardless of knowledge or experience.

Daily Blog

The Quiet Tree

A tree on a hill is really good at one thing: being a tree. Turning sunlight and water into more tree, growing so slow that nobody ever sees it.

Quiet. Slow. Growth.

That hill becomes a favorite of hikers, birds, bugs, and deer. A wonderful serene paradise on a little hill.

We can be like the tree. Quiet. Growing.

Our little hill might be better for it.

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Attention To Detail

Switching between big picture and attention to detail is reserved for those that want to do great things.

Learn it well.

Anyone can do the bare minimum.

Daily Blog

The Storm and The Sky

It’s pretty bad outside. Sideways rain. Feels like it’s been that way for 6 months. Woke up late. Hurrying. Rush to the airport and get on the plane. The storm pounds the windows. Long wait. Hungry. Finally take off.

Acceleration. Liftoff. Turbulence. Grab the arm rests to pretend you’re protecting yourself.

And in less than 10 minutes you’re above it all.

Blue sky. Warm sunshine. Calm.

No matter how bad the storm gets the blue sky is always there. We just can’t see it.

We just have to take a moment to open our eyes to the storm, the climb, and the sky.