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Mario’s tornado flute

We get into thinking that we will stay at this level forever, or at least a long time. The fact is, we are more than ready to ‘level up.’ And here’s the cool part: we can skip levels (like Mario).The more focus we put into this level, the more levels we can skip in the future. That means investing in the long term, without fail, and without anyone telling you to. Invest in the things that compound over time: reading, writing, logic, speaking, coding, and the market.

Whoever goes above and beyond with the little things now will be far better off later. This is the core of what it means to invest ‘pennies’ to make fortunes.

Little actions now will launch you worlds forward later.

Daily Blog Multiplers

Multipliers: Reading and Writing

We hear it often. Making reading a habit has second order effects that propel us forward. That’s the thing though: second order effects. We quickly forget them due to their submersed nature.

Most multipliers are like that. Quiet, unseen, un-loved by most.

Communication is a multiplier (or steroid) that all need in order to make a ruckus. Why? Because reading and writing help the mind stay clear. “Clear writing is clear thinking” and vice versa.