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On focus and keeping the main thing the main thing

Working as hard as you can is good, but not as important as one might think. It’s the quality of decisions, the thing we work on, that matters the most. Workin on a thing consistently, yet slowly, is worth 1000x working fast and hard on multiple things. It took me a long time to realize this, and I hope you learn it faster.

The point: Laser-like focus sets apart the average and the extraordinary. The seemingly average (you and me) can take small steps (with focus) in the same direction every day. Keep the main thing the main thing to make something extraordinary.

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On immovable truth

The truth is indifferent to what we believe about it

We can’t change it, or knock it off its course. It just is. We are simply observers of it for a short time. What we can do is share lessons from our perspective, as our perspective (our ‘observation post’) is not shared by anyone else.

That means that what you see and what you have to say is important, so long as you do not pollute it with self.

Anyone can point anybody forward regardless of knowledge or experience.

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Filling Time

“If only there was 1 more hour in the day!” I’ve heard it, so have you.

24 hours is a lot of time, you’re just shitty at managing it. We humans have a gift of filling all our time with stuff. How better it would be to invest it?

If you work for yourself, or hope to work for yourself someday, then your time is more valuable than you think. At LEAST 50 dollars per hour, if not closer to 100.

Now break that down to time wasted when immersing yourself in a project, say a blog post. How much time is spent thinking instead of writing!

Go for it. Do your thing. Invest your time because it’s way more valuable than 100 dollars per hour.

I’m serious. Fucking FLY, man!!

Besides, we have way less time than we think we do.

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Past ≠ Future

Too simple, but we all have a past and most of us are enslaved by it.  Just because we were one way yesterday doesn’t mean we have to be that way right now.  Or tomorrow.  

The past is set.  Tomorrow is not.  So let’s learn from what has happened and then choose our new direction now.  

That means ditching old ways as soon as we realize we are going the wrong direction.  

Lawyers will stick with their profession because “I’ve done so much to get here.”  Accept the sunk cost.  Every new moment spent there is a travesty.

You and I can be anything.  Right now.